“Rob is like a good mirror where he illuminates your strengths and makes you aware of your blind spots. He diplomatically works with both these insights to develop a credible and more impactful communication strategy and delivery. Rob goes out of his way to ensure he understands and immerses himself in your business in order to produce a bespoke offering that not only enhances the communication skills of the team but delivers an on-the-job solution that benefits the overall business. This makes learning fun, relevant and meaningful as you are taking time out to reflect on your business as well as personally develop oneself.”

Terry O’Regan 
Vice President and Managing Director UK & Ireland 

Feedback from Biogen training sessions:

Great – Perfect for length of time
Suzie Boutal

Very useful
Edward Elian Lysen

Thank you for the opportunity
Jason Green

Excellent content, structure, pitch. Really valuable.
Steve Brewerton

Enjoyed the pace, look forward to the feedback and follow-on course
Saeed Moosa

Libby Winchurch

Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed today. Made me think on my approach with my customer
Tan Afsar

Great in small group – safe environment to practice. Fun and relaxed but still very beneficial
Dawn Wilson

Extremely beneficial. Thankyou!
Daniel Chico

Rob puts things across in such a way that I thought – wow, how did he become so good!! Very enjoyable and helpful. Will take lots away with me to improve my performance.
Miriam Hepburn

Thanks for an excellent and insightful training day
Anne Kable

Fantastic training. If possible we would do this 2 times a year
Planex Mutesasira

Excellent – will definitely make some changes
Amanda Worpole

Really enjoyed. Superb
Frank Hagenow

Good pace and interaction. Very good product knowledge and relevance to our therapeutic areas. Timely and appropriate. Very enjoyable 10/10
Christine McGowan

Enjoyable day and a great help. Cheers.
Simon McKenna

A useful day
Laura Blamire

Really thought provoking and lots to action at our next synergy team meetings
Christine Roberts

Enjoyed the day, liked the trainer and flow and felt I learned a lot in a comfortable and safe environment
Shirleyann Haig

The room could be better to allow natural light for such an intensive day. Otherwise, really good day
Alex Arnold

Good to review behaviour, body language and speech in a safe environment
Nia James

Excellent today, will defo use info in future calls
Jacq Powell

Having a territory specific meeting meant we could relate to real scenarios and from today now address them. Very positive day and look forward to the next one
Martine Sinclair

Excellent day again Rob. Always a pleasure, useful and pertinent. Thanks again.
Gerry Everett

Very good – much learning and fun
Kristin Nyberg

Really helpful. I will benefit on further training.
Mauricio Alvarez-Reyes

Excellent, really helpful. Much appreciated coming in at such short notice to help us prepare
Clare Hague

Excellent, good pace in small group, good level of challenge
Ken O’Reilly

Very useful, valuable and joyful!
Leif Lohm

Excellent, engaging, relevant, tailored and good fun
Lorraine Barr

Fantastic training. Well paced, very relevant to our daily job.
Planex Mutesasira

Excellent content and style with great delivery by Rob – thank you
Dushan Zivanic

Well run. Interactive, relevant and fun.
Simon Jordan

Excellently facilitated. Relevant examples and video
Terry O’Regan

Very useful.
Jan-Paul Rosen

Fun, not so scary. Follow up for practice in our comms ops meetings
Tanya Kennedy

Very good. Nice pace, good examples and notes. Thanks
David Nestor

Very good. Very professionally delivered
Giuseppe Banfi

Very valuable – might even be more fruitful when being followed up in a second, more severe and more focused session
Kris Schellens

Great, helpful, very relevant
Michaela Hrdlickova

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